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ask me anything // movie review

seeing as film is something i want to pursue at university and as a career, i’ve been making an added effort to watch more films. as well as that, i’m going to talk about the films i’ve watched more, just to get me used to discussing opinions and thinking more deeply about movies.

the first movie i’m going to be reviewing is ask me anything starring britt robertson.

i’ve deciding to structure these film reviews in a specific way, which i’ll use each time i want to review a new one. i’ll start with characters, then i’ll talk about the idea of the movie, the production value and then how much (or if i) enjoyed it. this will all be non-spoilery, and then i’ll talk about the plot (which will be spoilery).

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skincare routine // summer edition

since the weather’s gotten a lot hotter recently in the UK, i’ve had to update my skincare routine to stop the sun from drying out my skin.

so here are the products i’ve been using recently.


the first thing i like to do is moisturise my arms and legs. i either use the righteous butter or the righteous butter diamond edition (pictured above) by soap & glory. the diamond edition adds shimmer and sparkle to your skin.

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wake up and smell the roses // a poem

it’s easy to ignore the songs of the birds or the whistle of the breeze

it’s easy to ignore the drifting clouds and the spongey grass beneath your feet

it’s easy to ignore the butterflies and the bees and the caterpillars and dragonflies

it’s easy to ignore the sound of running water and the heat of the sun

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